Review of My Credit Group Credit Repair Company

We’ve reviewed a lot of credit repair companies over the years and there’s one thing for certain. The majority of their services consist of not much more than sending a ton of dispute letters to the credit bureaus. When we reviewed nearly 4 years ago, we were pleasantly surprised at the depth of their services.

They offer what they call “The Fresh Start Program”. It’s a 4 step process to refurbish your credit from top to bottom

1) Personal one-on-one Credit Coaching: When you sign up for My Credit Group, you can expect your initial credit consultation to take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the severity of your credit issues. At the end of that consultation, you will have a fully detailed plan written out which is very specific to your personal circumstances. You’re also going to know a lot more about credit – that’s for sure!

2) Credit Repair: When it comes to the credit repair side of things, there’s nothing really magical about it. They dispute the items you feel are inaccurate, outdated or questionable. Now, My Credit Group does take it a step further by sending debt validation letters to the collection agencies. This has proven to be more effective than typical credit bureau disputes.

3) Debt Settlement: Now this part of their program is a huge benefit. After you’ve gone through their credit repair program, if there’s anything remaining on your credit report, Mycreditgroup will settle those accounts for you absolutely free of charge – it’s part of the credit repair program. Now, that’s a serious benefit. You have to be realistic about credit repair. Not everything is just going to disappear with a few dispute letters. With other companies, that’s it, you’re done. Having the option to settle the remaining accounts is a big time benefit and the fact that it’s free makes it even better.

4) Help Establishing New Credit: So now you’ve gone through credit repair, you may have settled an account or two and it’s time for the finishing touch. Their Fresh Start Program includes helping you open new lines of credit. We know from experience this can be one of the fastest ways to jump start your credit score.

All in all our review of My Credit Group is outstanding. It really is a well rounded approach to restoring just about any credit problems you’re facing.

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