Most Frequently Asked Questions About Credit Repair

Question: Is Credit Repair Legal?
Answer: Yes. There's a lot of debate surrounding this topic, but the fact repair is perfectly legal. That answer is solidified by the creation of the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA)

The problem is the usual bad apples giving the industry a bad name.

Question: I thought credit repair companies can't charge until after the work is done?
Answer: This law is often misinterpreted. If a credit repair company is sending letters on your behalf, they can charge the monthly fee once the letters have been sent each month.

Question: I've read Credit Repair Companies cannot guarantee results. Why do I see most of them advertising guarantees?
Answer: Another misinterpretation of the law. Credit Repair Companies cannot guarantee results e.g. "we guarantee we can remove everything".

They can however have internal guarantees/policies such as the following:
"If you are unhappy with our service, we'll refund your money"

Question: How will I know if a credit repair company is legitimate?
Answer: You're not always going to know, especially in this economy where there seems to be a new credit repair company popping up everyday. We can tell you that all the information we have provided on our website has been verified personally by us.

At the time of writing the reviews, the information was accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Question: Do you plan on reviewing any credit repair software?
Answer: As of right now, we wouldn't waste the money. We've tried all the free trials and they all do the same thing. Help you write generic dispute letters. No software available that we've seen that is worth the money